As you are aware, I was referred to you by Dr. Eric Berkman for pain in my neck and back areas after many years of playing in the NFL. Now I have to say that when you first examined me, I was skeptical with all the measuring from every which way and angle. All the sketching and different angulations my body appeared to be stuck in for many years but I kept my focus and trusted Dr. Berkman’s recommendation. After your analysis you informed me that my right leg was shorter by 6 mm. My hips were rotated inward and to the right, which caused a hitch in my step, etc. I thought to myself, “That’s what’s causing my pain in my lower back?” As I stood there in pain you slipped a piece of leather under my right foot and told me to stand straight and all of a sudden my lower back released and my hips relaxed and I thought someone gave me cool-aid to drink.

You are truly the most amazing Sports Therapist I have ever met. I thank you for your knowledge and in particular your caring nature you share with all your patients. You treat everyone as though they are special and that is a quality more people should exercise. Thank you for you care but mostly thank you for your friendship!

God Bless!”

— Dan Pastorini, Former NFL Quarterback

“I am a Foot and Ankle Surgeon in Houston who was on his way to have a cervical fusion surgery ... until I met Rene. My arm, shoulder and neck pain had finally caught up with me after 20 years in my profession, so like most doctors, I went to my circle of friends and specialists. After neurological testing and an MRI, the “standard of care” pointed me towards surgical fusion at C5–6. Then a close friend of mine bought a gift certificate for me to see Rene and I thought, “What the hell”. Well, right off the bat, he was different with his evaluation approach and discussing my entire body’s alignment. But the biggest difference was by far his treatment approach and immediate relief he provides every session. I call it “closed chain manipulation”. He combines a painless neuromuscular therapy technique with traction and pressure to realign and relieve structures that are causing the pain. In short, it is the first time I have not been sore or uncomfortable during or after a session. And with my pain level dropping from a 9 to a 2, I am not having the surgery on my neck.

I told him I would call my friend in the CIA and hunt him down if he ever leaves town! Thanks Rene.”

— Dr. Robert J. Moore, III

“I was referred to Rene Olivarez by my physician, Dr. Alladice, a little over a year ago. I suffer from chronic low back pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. I have been to many other massage therapists and usually the massage itself would be painful. I would feel better for a few days, then the pain would return and I would have to go back to the therapist or just live with the pain for another month. Dr. Alladice told me that Rene was different and I should at least try him. There is no pain involved while he is working on me, and the pain throughout my body is reduced. He gave me stretches to do in between appointments and that has helped greatly. Rene has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend Rene to anyone who has chronic pain.”

— Suzanne Hart, Accountant

“I am a small business owner who provides weekly on-site massages for my employees. Over the past four years, we have had several different massage therapists provide services at our office. Rene has been our therapist of choice for about two years and I cannot say enough good things about him. He is professional, courteous, friendly and most importantly, THE BEST massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of receiving a massage from — and all my employees agree. Rene knows more about the human body than any therapist I have ever met and his sole focus is using this knowledge to heal his clients. We are a design studio so we suffer from the issues that plague people who sit and use a computer mouse all day. Rene takes the time to focus on each employee’s specific needs and always helps us feel physically and mentally better. I see Rene as an invaluable member of our business team; he helps keep us well and allows us to focus on the work that needs to get done.”

— Jill Butler, Business Owner

“I am a disabled veteran who was medically retired by the Navy in 1970. During that time I have had numerous issues with my disability. I had the good fortune to meet Rene at my BNI networking group. After hearing him describe how he worked with his patients, I decided to visit him. I had never had a massage of any type before so was quite interested when Rene started by doing a postural assessment. During this time, he ordered an X-ray and determined that much of my pain and discomfort was because of a shortening in my left leg as a result of the military accident. Rene also gave me a massage for problems in my neck and back and I could not believe how therapeutic it was. In fact it helped so much, I returned for additional treatments. Rene also prepared a letter professionally stipulating his findings and as a result, the Veterans Administration has provided me with built up shoes to accommodate the leg discrepancy. Within a week of having the new shoes, I was walking like a different person. This is the most improvement I have had in 40 years since the original accident. I have been totally impressed by Rene’s education, therapeutic massage and professionalism. I encourage anyone who has pain and discomfort to seek his services.”

— Gilbert Raynor, Business Owner

“I began coming to Rene Olivarez about 1½ years ago due to the recommendation of my rehab doctor, Dr. Tova Alladice M.D., in Bellaire, TX. She was seeing me for lower back and neck pain. The neck pain I’ve had on and off for 35 years due to an accident where I lost the curvature of my neck. The muscles tighten on a regular basis and I have lots of pain. I’ve been on Hydrocodone for pain for four years but due to massage therapy with Rene on a regular basis I am off the pain meds since Spring 2010. The back pain is gone due to these regular visits as well, I used to need special cushions to sit and lean on for support but he has helped me with my posture and exercises to strengthen my back to support itself using the correct muscles and I feel like I can get back to normal activities. His attention to my special needs has been the best of anyone I’ve seen. He tries very hard to help and change if something he is doing is not working for me. He is dedicated to training on a regular basis and is always looking to learn more. You can tell that he enjoys his work and wants to help. As far as cost, all massage therapists are similar in price or more expensive but not the results I’ve had with Rene. I feel that he gives me more than my moneys worth. It’s wonderful to not take a bunch of pills but address the real issues in my body. I feel Rene strives to do this for his clients. Give him a chance to help you. And one more thing, one visit is not enough, please don’t stay away because of the expense, it can take a few treatments and I think we would all love to fell better naturally.”

— Marcia Frank

“I suffer from periodic joint and muscle pain, depending on the day. Rene consults with me to determine the exact nature of my pain and tailors a treatment that specifically suits my condition. I know he continually trains and is very knowledgeable, and I feel comfortable with his assessments and treatments. I wish I could visit more often!”

— Susan Yates, Realtor

“I am a runner and a personal trainer. I suffer from chronic knee pain when I run. My sports doctor, Dr. Bryant Frasier, M.D., referred me to Rene. He has been my therapist for over a year and helped me through my running training. He not only eased my knee pain but also helped me understand my issue and taught me ways to improve it. Rene has a super “cool” and charismatic personality and has wonder hands. He will continue to be my therapist with or without pain simply because I am a better runner thanks to Rene!!”

— Mayerling Whitten, Personal Trainer

“After suffering for years with osteoarthritis, muscular imbalance, degenerative disc disease and chronic back pain I found a massage therapist who made a difference in my life. After trying many massage establishments, my physician Dr. Tova Alladice recommended Rene Olivarez to me. My life has changed so much in the two years since I’ve been his client. Rene is very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend him so he can make a difference in your life too!”

— Marilyne Riley

“My physician, Dr. Tova Alladice, M.D., referred me to Mr. Olivarez. I suffer from scoliosis and have found my treatments to be very thorough and of some relief. When one suffers from scoliosis the pain is chronic but Mr. Olivarez has been attentive to my condition. A postural assessment is done before each treatment, and I am given stretching exercises as homework to help ease my pain between sessions. I have been very satisfied and will continue pursuing further treatments.”

— Connie Kelley

“I am an avid square dancer and traveler, and I didn’t want to let pain and injuries take over my life. I first came to Rene with a wrist injury caused by dragging suitcases across railroad tracks. It affected my wrist, arm, and shoulder. I have gotten many massages in my life but none as good and thorough as Rene’s. It’s not “just a massage”. It’s a therapeutic, healing experience. It’s also a connection that Rene has with the client enabling him to customize treatment for each individual’s needs. I recovered from my wrist injury without having to resort to a cortisone shot or pain medication. Rene gives extraordinary service. I feel very confident in Rene’s ability to “feel” my muscle health, removing trigger points, and increasing my flexibility. Rene is truly the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. He is conscientious about the experience and very knowledgeable about the latest and cutting edge techniques and remedies for pain and stiffness. He is very caring and supportive making sure that his clients have a healing experience every time. When my friend came from Florida to visit, I sent her to Rene. I wouldn’t have sent her to anyone else.”

— Barbara Veres

“I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and suffered from chronic headaches and significant muscle pain. My favorite doctor, Dr. Tova Alladice, M.D., referred me to Rene in 2008. I saw Rene for almost two years and he helped significantly reduce my pain in every way. I started with him once a week to help manage my pain (along with medications) and over time progressed to only needing to see him every two to three months. He is extremely thorough and very professional. He is always adding more tricks to his arsenal as he attends numerous classes every year to keep up with the newest techniques. Every visit to Rene is different as he correctly assesses my needs and adapts to them based on his vast experience and his insight as to how I responded to each treatment. He is also a super nice guy who I look forward to seeing when I am back in Houston visiting. I have been so happy with Rene, and have recommended numerous friends to him.”

— Allison Shaw

“Rene’s gifted hands have helped me for over two years. The first time I came to get a massage, as recommended by my physician, and was totally blown away by his muscular assessment technique and his knowledge of the human body. His pain free work, particularly in the abdominal area, left my chronically painful lower back feeling better every time I saw him. And results were cumulative. Each month I would look back at how I had been 2, 3, 6, or however many months before and there was always improvement. I continued to see Rene throughout my pregnancy, and his careful body work really helped me those last couple of months when I was just plain big! Rene can help you no matter what stage of life you are in and his dedication to his client’s needs is astounding.”

— Ianthe Sarrazin, Geophysicist

“My name is Dr. Brenda Hassebrock and I am a chiropractor. I am also a marathon runner, having completed nine marathons. This is where Rene comes in. I scheduled an appointment with Rene, to see him after the Houston Chevron Marathon in January. Rene’s neuromuscular therapy techniques are so much more than a “massage.” He prides himself on continually learning and improving his skills. He is very diligent in his evaluation and record keeping. His technique was comfortable, easy, and stress free. When I got off of his table, I could see an improvement immediately! I continue to see Rene as needed for pain management and would confidently recommend his services to others.”

— Dr. Brenda Hassenbrock, D.C.

“I really cannot thank you enough for the massage you gave me yesterday. Came home, posted on my FB page that I was in love...with your hands! You know, after my nap I got up and stayed up, pain free! I’m also up this morning ironing and...God, I really thought your services would be complimentary to the acupuncture. but I was wrong. I got more out of just ONE session with you than I can adequately express to you. My husband was so surprised and happy for me too. I could just cry with relief, I am so thankful not to be hurting today. I wanted to write this review to let you know how grateful I am for your services. I will also let both Dr. Alladice and my acupuncturist “Pandya” know just how truly marvelous you are. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you again and God Bless you.”

— Ruthanne Peterson