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Rene's pain-free massage is a combination of different modalities taken from the works of Paul St. John (Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy), James Waslaski (Orthopedic Massage Therapy), and Erik Dalton (Myoskeletal Alignment), who are pioneers and internationally recognized lecturers and experts in the field of pain relief massage therapy.

A typical session consists of a thorough postural analysis and gait evaluation, which are use to locate the cause of the pain symptom. Once the evaluations are complete, Rene will explain the findings and what you should expect during the treatment. Treatment starts immediately with manual therapy designed to release tension in the muscles found to be hypertonic (tight), followed by a personalized stretching and strengthening program to be done between treatments.

Rene's goal is not only to eliminate pain, but to educate you on ways to prevent recurrence of the injury, restore proper body mechanics, and to create perfect balance of opposing muscle groups around joints.


PAIN RELIEF MASSAGE includes a complimentary postural assessment.

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Series Package
All massage services are available in series packages. Purchase any five sessions in bulk and receive a sixth session at no additional charge.